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App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization


App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing a mobile app’s marketing copy (keywords, title, icon, screenshots, description, etc.) to rank it higher on app stores and is often described as app store SEO.


  1. Icon
  2. Screen shorts
  3. Title
  4. Keywords
  5. Description etc.


Your icon is that the initial chance to speak, at a look, your app’s purpose:-

  1. Make the icon clearly.
  2. Don’t nesscilarly use the logo
  3. Add borders to the icons.
  4. Think about the background.
  5. Don’t use text
  6. Make it scalable
  7. Update icons regularly.


Screen short influence your app’s impressions first. It takes few second to catch user attentions. Make sure that the screen shot with bold and bright colors that make your app standout. Design and adapt your screenshot for all devices.


The title is most important thing whether it is SEO or ASO. According to ASO rule the title is less than 50 characters is accepted. Over 50 characters is rejected by ASO.


Like the title keyword is also important part of ASO. Keywords use to rank highly search result relevant and to get your app more downloads. Use keyword according to your app doesn’t add keywords just because you think it will be more “searchable”.


Short Description is an 80-characters field that is shown to the users in the listing and can then be expanded to see the full description. Being short and concise, short description should highlight the best features of your app to ensure the interest and increase the conversion rate, and at the same time include important keywords that you want your app to rank for in Google Play search.

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