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Technology changes

Change in technology


Decades back, website development is not an easy task for the developers because they have to write long codes for making their websites attractive. The long code or writing long coding means a lot of errors and warnings which are faced by the developers. So it is very difficult and tough for developers to fulfill their customers’ needs with that technology (which  have its very own rules and regulations along with syntax). Like they have to do lot of hard work to create slider in website and during this, many problems come in the way of developers for developing their websites. They are forced to use long JavaScript coding because there is no any other option for developers.

There are also some problems which can be faced by developers like, how to store information of users, who will fill the contact form on their client’s website. They may also use the long coding for making database to store the information of users.

Beside this, the prominent issue is to make an attractive website for a customer. And for this, they have to use long codes which make website more heavier and the time is also increases.

Moreover, developers can also noted that is their website responsive or not. With the progress of technology it is easy for web developers to make their website attractive by uses less code.


There are lot of editors which have inbuilt function. The developers only call function and coding appearance on the screen automatically and this save the time of developers and save developers from writing long code.


Developers use CSS to design their websites as it’s very significant for clients and it has also  a huge impact on users who visit on client’s websites. But the issue remains the same for coders  to re-think about the design  to check it is responsive or not.

Nowadays,using single code is very beneficial and easier to create responsive websites .and with the help of bootstrap, developers can make it without facing any kind of obstacle because  bootstrap provides many functions which are very essential for making developer’s work  uncomplicated.


A number of websites are available in-build HTML  template according to the needs of creators. And by the use of these templates, developers save their lot of time because templates provides in-built coding and they use to type of less coding for their website.

In the earlier time,Database was the main problem for the developers, but these days many in-built databases are come into the existence. Which make easy for developers to store information of users in minimum coding. One of the example of the database is MySQL. It is controlled by ‘localhost’ and   software needed to run MySQL database is XAMPP. It’s very convenient for builders to create the tables for storage of user’s information according to client’s needs. Apart from this, developers can also use this database by connecting our site to database with the help of connection’s file. If the clients want to know about their users who fill the contact forms. Developers provide admin panel to client and fetch users’ information to the admin panel.

Some of software use to access database are:-

  1. XAMPP
  2. WAMPP
  3. LAMP

These days there are many CMS software which used by the developers to make their websites without using code they used plug-in to make functions of websites. CMS provides drag and drop options to developers. Provides in-build database which means developers are free from creating query like insert, delete, fetch, etc. let us know about some of software like:-


  1. WordPress
  2. Magento
  3. Django

Another issue which is faced by the developers is hosting their websites on servers. In old   times web hosting was very costly. Developers make huge investment to connect their websites to server. But these days ,developer has many option for the hosting of their websites which connect to server. Some of web hosting is:-


  1. Hostgator
  2. Blue Host
  3. GoDaddy

Another issue which is faced by the developers is to secure their websites from hacker and from data breaching. There are many cases of data breaching where developers don’t even know that data is breaches from their websites because developers don’t care about security of their websites. But these days, websites security comes prior for website developers. The best security for websites is HTTPS:// and to get HTTPS:// you need to complete SSL certificate’s formalities. With SSL certificate developer  do sure that their website is secure .

Let us discuss about app development now:-

In past, App development was very difficult task because developers have to write long code of C language for developing any Application. Developer writes long code for creating small function.

First and foremost APP is made in the C language but in modern era, JAVA is mainly used for creating android app. Both the language has different syntax but JAVA develops app in less coding than C language.


But these days, android studio editor provides in-built libraries (functions) which make app development easy for developers. Developers only have to call functions that they have need  and coding  which appear automatically on screen.

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