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As you start to have confidence obtaining your web site translated, you may be tempted to go looking the web for the keyword “translate web site.” whereas this can give you with a spread of results; copy and pasting your web site into Google internet Translation might not be the foremost effective route to require.

Your whole is also in danger if you utilize the Google internet Translation tool, and therefore the same goes for your company’s overall name. you will find yourself obtaining a lower share of search results than you be, thanks to errors, misspellings or text that offends readers, just by way of the very fact that it’s not associate correct translation.

The Google Translate contrivance simply can’t offer you with the type of localization you wish to interact with international guests, or provide you with that skilled look you’re aiming for along with your company message. Hoping you that you simply have the correct translation for your audience just isn’t enough.



Copying and pasting your website for translation is straightforward to try to. It needs token effort and might offer results quickly. You are doing not ought to deem the technology of your web site or the other platform to form it happen. Your webmaster can merely copy your website and paste it into a Google Sheet. Here, a translator can do the mandatory translations, and you’ll paste the new text into the localized pages of your web site once their work is completed.


Create a Google Drive folder for your internet text;

Create a Google Sheet and paste your internet copy into it, for the translator to access within the Google Drive folder;

Share your Google Drive folder along with your translation service or with TRAVOD;

Once this can be done, you’ll copy the text from the updated Google Sheets into your web site.


This is not a fool-proof system for your internet translation task. Errors will occur throughout the repeating and pasting section. You would possibly unwittingly copy an equivalent text doubly or paste it many times within the Google Sheet. Sentences may be omitted. An entire array of mistakes will occur. Your translator is unable to identify these errors as a result of they weren’t concerned within the repeating and pasting method.



If you have got associate degree e-commerce or CMS website, you will have an interest in a very plug-in-based translation platform. Applications like Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, Drupal, WIX, et al. use translation plug-in tools. With these plugging, you’ll be able to simply share your web site together with your translation supplier or TRAVOD, to produce them with access to your content. Your translator is ready to translate the content directly into your web site. You’ll have period of time updates and won’t have to be compelled to worry regarding any interruptions together with your web site.


Search for a translation plug-in through your web site platform’s marketplace (options embody the Shopify translation plug-in, WordPress translation plug-in, etc., betting on the platform you have);

Give your translator your CMS or e-commerce platform login;

Your translator or TRAVOD can localize your websites supported the content that’s presently provided on your website;

Once you’re totally glad with the interpretation quality, publish your new localized websites.


Webmasters can notice that plug-in-based translation is that the most suitable choice because it permits for period of time business of your new translated copy. This conjointly helps to eliminate any potential errors which may occur once you copy and paste text.



The use of dynamic-based content for translation combines all the ways we’ve mentioned up to now and takes them one step more. During this approach, a translator is ready to translate the content with a visible editor. This avoids the requirement to make and transfer documents manually, a method whereby errors will occur. You may have a better quality net translation of your localized content with the maximum amount one hundred pc accuracy, provided through the interpretation syntax and context. The initial language intent will stay in situ. Dynamic content is barely offered by a number of translation corporations.

This is the best thanks to localize your web site from the purpose of read of your webmaster. Everything is completed just about by the translator cloud network, as well as the business.

Getting Started

Sign up with a translation supplier that gives this service;

Add the code snip that’s provided to you to your web site. Directions are going to be included;

A translator can translate your web site and save all the content to the cloud network space;

Review the translated work and publish the updates to your web site.

Quality management

With dynamic content, you’re able to retain the context also because the meant which means of the initial message on your web site, regardless of the language. This is often the best thanks to localize your web site, because the translator is ready to produce higher phrasing and a word count that meets the wants of the page layout.

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