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When you run an area workplace or manage little team of skilled plumbers, your customer’s area unit your neighbors. It is smart to advertise your business victimization the phone book, newspaper advertisements, billboards and yard signs, reaching potential customers as they are going regarding their daily lives. However what will your business’s net presence look like? And area unit you actually creating the foremost of mobile technology, or area unit you obligated to your corner office? If you are feeling like it’s time to boost up your game, here are a unit five simple ways that to bring your business into the digital age.


When was the last time your business web site got a makeover? If it had been before smart phones surged in quality, it’s time to reinvest in your web site. You wish a responsive web site to achieve most of your customers within the digital age. Meaning your website has to respond or comply with totally different screen sizes and devices. Users aren’t any longer browsing alone on desktop or laptop computer. Currently tablets and smart phones area unit used even as typically for accessing the web. Viewing a non-responsive website on a mobile device involves, at best, having to unceasingly scroll area so as to browse the complete text. At worst, a non-responsive website is rendered totally useless on a mobile device, inflicting your guests to maneuver on to a competitor’s website. You’ll use this tool to see if your website is responsive and mobile friendly.


Having an internet site is simply one in every of some ways you’ll be able to digitally connect together with your customers. Customers can expect to be able to follow your business on sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Take full advantage of the chance to remain top-of-mind together with your customers by often showing in their alleged newsfeeds. Post company updates like special deals or product launches, or conduct research on all of those platforms. to realize a big following, share fun content and host giveaways to extend the quantity of shares and followers on every of your social media channels. Paid advertising channels are integral options on most social networks currently, creating it easier than ever to achieve your target demographic with pay per click ads.

Keep in mind that there are several social media platforms currently, and not all of them are helpful for each business. As an example, a B2C company several not realize LinkedIn, a website aimed toward skilled networking, to be helpful for generating sales. However, LinkedIn is that the excellent platform for B2B corporations to seek out new shoppers.


There are no higher thanks to demonstrate your business’s digital superior skill than by maintaining a preferred YouTube channel. Use skilled videos to share how-to tips associated with your business, to introduce new merchandise or to share some under-the-table footage to assist your customers feel additional showing emotion invested with within the company. Videos provide unbounded creativeness, permitting your company’s values and vision to return to life. Justify key product options, publish product reviews or just tell a story that showcases your product during a positive approach. Whether or not your budget is giant or tiny, there’s the simplest way for your business to harness the ability of YouTube.


Digital phone services build it simple to manage your phone lines. Reroute calls, produce phone menus, receive voicemails as emails, and a lot of with a digital company phone. There ought no to have a separate telephone line at your table additionally to your personal cellular phone, or to even have multiple cell phones. Instead, you’ll build outward-bound calls along with your business range via associate app that features a separate keyboard. Any calls created via the app can show your business range on the recipient’s caller ID. Digital phone apps additionally supply all the conveniences you expect from your personal sensible phone, like quick access to incomprehensible calls and voicemails. A tool like Google Voice also can assist you with a number of these goals.

Similarly, digital fax services provide you with a chance to throw out the awkward fax machine and even get eliminate your telephone line. You’ll simply send and receive faxes within the same approach that you simply send and receive emails. Merely attach a document to associate email and use the fax range within the “To” field followed by a site extension provided by the digital fax service. The document is written on the recipient’s fax machine as was common. Likewise, you’ll receive faxes in your inbox, utterly eliminating the necessity for a machine and also the associated overhead prices, like paying for a telephone line or buying additional ink and paper. And with Smartphone-friendly apps just like the fax mobile app, you’ll send and receive vital documents, like contracts or invoices, to your purchasers on the go.

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