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There are many lists of “Top 10” WordPress plugin round the web. Most of them, however, visit the most effective or most well-liked plugin. Guess what; I’ve had enough of Akismet, Ad sense Deluxe, connected Entries and company!

Jokes apart, those plugin are definitely awe-inspiring, however there are several others out there which will be life savers and other people typically neglect them. Below you may the highest ten Underrated WordPress plugin.


WordPress could be a terribly versatile platform; however regulation the quantity of posts that are speculated to be displayed on the various pages is kind of troublesome. Most of the days you may wish to show a restricted variety of posts on the Homepage whereas displaying a bigger list for the classes, archives or search results pages, and this can be impracticable through the board. The answer for this downside is that the Custom Query String plugin that permits you to put together this variety singly for every page kind.


While the Meta Keywords Tag isn’t any longer employed by most search engines, the Meta Description Tag still has some influence. Having identical Description append all of your pages, however, may well be inefficient and send a part of your web site to the supplemental hell. This plugin is very straightforward to put in and

it’ll produce a dynamic Meta Description Tag for each page on your diary, supported post excerpts or on the primary words of the page.


Most blogs have a “Monthly Archives” section on their sidebar, displaying an enormous list of months and wasting some precious area. A lot of economical structure for your archives would be one page wherever all the posts are displayed, month by month. That’s precisely what this plugin can do (you will see example here). Notice that you just would possibly want the plugin below to put in this one with success.


Many plugin or WordPress options need that you just run some PHP code. Once you have to be compelled to use those options or plugin within static pages or posts, however, WordPress won’t acknowledge the code. The answer for this downside is that the Exec-PHP plugin. Once put in the plugin can modify PHP code on nearly all the pages of your diary. There are similar plugin out there, however this one is that the most reliable.


If your website will be accessed through and you would possibly have some issues over the long haul. Most search engines treat those addresses as 2 completely different domains, splitting your back link count. So as to resolve this issue you would like to setup a 301 Permanent direct. There are many ways that to setup this direct, however if you’re not conversant in PHP or if your host isn’t UNIX operating system based mostly (for the .htaccess file) this plugin represents the best one. You simply have to be compelled to activate it and every one the guests and search bots can get redirected to the address that’s specific on the WordPress board.


Ever veteran somebody posting an enormous URL on your comment section those long strings isn’t solely ugly; however they could additionally break the look of your web site on sure browsers. This plugin

Can trunk those long URLs into smaller ones, and you’ll be able to even specify the quantity of characters that the output ought to contain.


Sploggers are feed stealers are spreading out like hearth. The primary live to shield your content is to feature a copyright notice to your feed, presumably with a link inform to your website. Sig2feed could be a flash plugin that may just do that.


This plugin won’t to be known as Feed burner Feed Replacement. It had been thus common and economical that Feed burner itself determined to shop for it from the developer. Primarily it’ll forward all the requests for your WordPress feed to Feed burner. It’s terribly helpful if you started mistreatment Feed burner when having some subscribers, or if you wish to create certain that your feed statistics are fully correct.

9. Jerome’s Keywords

This plugin is incredibly like the final word Tag person, however it’s rather more user friendly. Once the plugin is put in you may be able to tag individual posts and to make an indoor tag system and tag clouds. Second you’ll be able to additionally use it to get a dynamic Meta Keywords Tag.

10. WP-Cache

WP-Cache could be a terribly strong plugin that may increase the responsiveness of your web site and scale back the server load. It’s additionally terribly helpful to handle sudden burst in traffic returning from social bookmarking sites. The plugin primarily creates static versions of your pages and serves them while not querying the Mysql information.

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