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Effect of lockdown on Indian IT companies and economy Normal life?

Well, we know what it is but it has come to rest due to the very reckless, COVID-19. We all are homebound and quarantined. All the crowded places like schools, colleges, theatres, offices, companies, shops, hotels have been shut down due to COVID-19. It will help prevent the disease as no cure has been discovered for it and the only solution for it is prevention. And the prevention lies in social distancing.
Many companies have shut down to promote the idea of social distancing. It is okay for a short period of time, but what if the prevention period exceeds? Though, the nation is on 21 days complete lockdown, but what about the manufacturing firms, IT and private companies?
Talking about the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has shut down for a week to fight Coronavirus. This happened after an employee of a tech company was tested positive for COVID-19. Most of the top tech companies have already initiated social distancing. The companies have requested their employees to work from home for a week. The duration can also be extended after analyzing the situation in the country.
Amazon, the leading company in E-commerce also issued an order on Friday for its employees to work from home. The order was sent via an email to all the employees globally due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Even before the coronavirus had hit on a global level, Microsoft already initiated work-from-home for most of its employees. Most of its employees are utilizing that option even now. Facebook, similarly, is offering voluntary work from home option for most employees.
Companies like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, and LG have also closed their factories for various periods. The second-largest mobile manufacturing company, Samsung, has also put its production on hold for a few days with respect to coronavirus.
The global smartphone market has already sunk in a bit as shipments went down to 38 percent in February. While shutting down factories will cause heavy deprivation on revenues and exports, it is a positive step taken by companies to ensure their workers are safe and healthy.
Amazon has temporarily discontinued accepting orders for “lower-priority” products in India. The company has prioritized the servicing of urgent items such as household staples, health care, and personal safety products as the e-commerce player along with several of its competitors are struggling with coronavirus outbreak in one of its key overseas markets.
Flipkart has also temporarily suspended all new orders and will be resuming its services soon.
The economy of India is highly being affected by the lockdown as the country has already wiped off Rs 52 lakh crore worth of equity investor wealth, with benchmarks Sensex and nifty languishing at multi-year lows after falling 35 percent from their January peaks.
The Indian economy has come to a complete halt due to the lockdown but we believe, the lockdown is the most important step which could be taken. And the lockdown will only protect us from the Coronavirus as the 21 days lockdown will break the chain of the virus and will lead to a bit relaxing stage. Alike these companies, we should also promote the lockdown and participate to make it a success. It will not only protect your family but also help the country revive the loss in a short span of time.
Stay safe and healthy. Don’t forget to wash your hands every 10 minutes and sanitize your surroundings. Stay homebound and happy quarantine!

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