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India’s fight against Coronavirus.

The world has not been on rest since COVID-19 started spreading rapidly. Currently, around 472,337 cases have been identified throughout the world. And, 21,304 people have lost their lives till now globally with the recovering cases being 114,718 in total. However, the deadly disease has taken over 13 lives and currently 678 cases have been identified only in India.
India is at a very critical stage right now in its fight against the coronavirus as the number of affected is rising every day. Considering the rising cases of coronavirus in the country, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi ordered a lockdown of the country for 21 days. The lockdown was the much-needed action to be taken because this was the only option that could prevent COVID-19 from spreading more.
The nation is currently in a war-like situation and we as a country cannot afford to lose it. Because if we don’t give our best shot to come over this war then a lot of our families will be destroyed forever. And we will never be able to recover from the loss.
Mike Ryan, WHO emergencies program director, stated, “India is a hugely populous country. The future of this pandemic will be determined by what happens to densely-populated countries. It’s important that India takes aggressive action at the public health level, and at the level of society to control, and suppress this disease.”
Many people are scared that India’s healthcare system may not be able to stand up with the immense outbreak. Even if 10% of India’s population is infected, almost 130 million people will be admitted into the hospitals. And the country only has 0.5 hospital beds per 1,000 people, one of the lowest ratios in the world, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
So, India is kept all its hope of controlling the corona outbreak on social distancing and a complete lockdown throughout the country. And the success is down to the efforts of unknown but selfless workers. And who these selfless workers are? Well, they are none other than the doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, pilots, railway workers, and rubbish collectors. With the medical staff being the heroes of it all.
The medical staff has become the soldiers for this war and is working for as long as 40 hours continuously. The doctors and nurses are staying away from their families just so that they can look after the patients. They are fighting without any complaints with the silent war which they didn’t even see coming.
India was the first country to stop airlines that were going to and coming from China. At first, China raised an issue but then India didn’t listen to anybody and did the right thing by drawing a full stop at all the international flights at the beginning of March.
Later, the domestic flights were also stopped to insure a full lockdown and to minimize human contact to maintain social distancing. Along with the airlines, the railways also took the decision to suspend its services till March-end.
As lockdowns and curfews force people to stay indoors, telecom providers are facilitating work from home. Reliance Jio has also decided to offer basic JioFibre broadband service to new customers and doubled the data limit for all its existing customers.
While companies like Lifebuoy, Godrej, and Savlon have reduced the price of their products down to Rs. 25 which include sanitizers, soaps, and liquid soaps which earlier cost of about Rs. 70 to Rs. 75.
The IT sector has also asked its workers to work from home as the disease toll is rising constantly. The silicon valley of India, Bangalore has also shut down for a week and almost all the workers are working from home. Also, the private offices have also been shut down completely till the lockdown, which is till April 14.
We are in this war together and the nation is proving it right. The citizens of India and all the businesses and companies are cooperating which is delivering the positive results of the lockdown. Because social distancing is not only reducing COVID-19 but has also reduced the spread of other human transmitting diseases.
Please practice and promote social distancing to fight against the corona war. And thank yourself later! Stay safe and stay indoors.

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