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Chinese economy bounces back amid COVID-19.

Coronavirus disease has created terror in the world as the cases are rising rapidly every day. The Chinese virus, COVID-19 has become a threat to the world but have you ever thought of why China has resumed its economy? Why did China’s economy not get affected at all?
As the virus is taking over different countries, the Chinese market is manufacturing goods and is exporting them too. Also, a major thing to worry about is that how did the Chinese virus travel to other countries if it didn’t affect its nearest cities like Beijing and Shanghai if its origin is Wuhan?
Today, places like Delhi, Mumbai, New York, Italy, Paris, and London are on a complete lockdown to avoid coronavirus. And while almost everyone is on lockdown, there’s one country which has come back to action. And that country for sure is the home country of COVID-19, China.
Just like the other people, Chinese people have also suffered from the virus but now, China says it has controlled the threat. Little do they know that they are the reason the world is suffering. The Chinese economy has revived itself and the country is producing masks, gloves, and even ventilators. China has put down the world on hold but has started supplying the equipment which the world will require in effect to Coronavirus. Not only this, but China’s daily mask production has also crossed a whopping 116 million with 9000 new manufacturers.
Dawn Polymer is one of the Chinese companies which supplies the fabric for making masks, and it has 40% of the market share in China. Companies like BMW and Fiat Chrysler have also resumed their factories, although, the offices will resume its services later. Foxconn, the company which manufactures for leading tech giants like HP and Apple is also back to business.
Most of the businesses are back in action while China has put the world on hold to become the leading business hub. It seems like China first planned to put the world on ICU, and now it is supplying medicine for the cure. Did China plan it all to spread the virus worldwide and to get ahead everyone while the world is healing itself? If yes, what a great player China really is! They planned and executed there plan so well that nobody saw this deadly disease coming.

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