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How to work efficiently amid COVID-19 ?

As coronavirus is spreading its roots worldwide, it has forced the human race to stay indoors, locked in their homes. But with that, it has also stopped many businesses, organizations have shut down and the office work has stopped too. But how will we earn living if we stop working? Keeping that in mind, many countries and cities have initiated work from home facility for its employees as most of the places are on complete lockdown and observing quarantine.
Since one has to now work from home to keep the work going, one has to adapt to a new way of working. For those who never work from home will find it really difficult to adapt the work from home method but it will at least protect you from the deadly, Coronavirus. It may be challenging but we can also take it as an opportunity to work in pajamas because we all wished for that while working in the office. Didn’t you?
Well, the work from home experiment has its own perks and setbacks. We’ve got a chance to work remotely which isn’t easy at all because one can also feel lazy working on the couch. If you feel frustrated, you can always shift to doing something else rather than work.
With the help of advanced technology, we can organize meetings on video calls and unite the team through video conferencing so that everyone can put their point of view on the plate. It is a very efficient and effective way of working as a team despite being in different places. Similarly, schools have also initiated online classes, as the teacher and students of a class collaborate through different applications designed for the same purpose.
Since we are not used to working from home, we can take it as an experiment to figure out what works for us and what doesn’t and improvise the backdrops because there is always a chance for a slight improvement in everything.
One should also keep in mind that not all the people will be comfortable working at home because it can create chaos at times. You need to figure out solutions for the challenges they are encountering and help them work better and efficiently through this.
While we will be working from home, we will be at ease and it can develop a lot of bad habits in you like bad posture, over eating and stress. Make sure you sit up straight and keep your work mode on as you work and you can always take breaks and naps in between. And the best part about it is that you can keep munching while you work.
Don’t forget to stay clean and drink hot water in intervals. Keep a sanitizer handy with you and sanitize your hands and your laptop, cellphone and working instruments regularly.
Take care of yourselves and each other and see this challenge as an opportunity to build new ways of working. Happy quarantine!

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