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Internal links are the hyperlinks of some other articles on the same website. The internal link lands you to another related article on the same website. Internal links are really important in content writing because it helps you boost the SEO of your work and is also the simplest method.
Not only does it boosts the SEO but it also helps the users to navigate through the website or domain. It establishes a ladder of information for the website. And most importantly, they help enhance the ranking power of the article amongst the other websites.
However, there is a certain pattern through which your website can result in the Google search engine. A lot of websites hide their main link which makes it difficult to navigate through a website, which is a big mistake. One needs to add internal links in a way that it forms a crawling pattern. For example, if a person has reached page “A” and sees internal links to pages “B” and “E.” Important pages C and D might be on the site, but the person has no way to reach them or even know they exist. It is because there is no direct, crawlable links point to those pages. As far as Google is concerned, these pages basically don’t exist. Therefore, great content, good keyword targeting, and smart marketing won’t be able to make much difference as the person cannot reach those pages.
Adding internal links to your article is the best and the easiest way to improve your google search rankings. But you need to keep in mind the crawling pattern we just discussed. You can write and upload as many articles as you want now. Get started and show off your writing skills now!

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