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What are the different tools and software available to work from home effectively ?

With the rise in the number of Coronavirus cases in the world, India is on lockdown. And the lockdown has forced the companies and businesses to give their employees the liberty to work from home. More than liberty, it is a privilege indeed!
Unlike in the office, we do not have all the tools and software at home so as to work efficiently from home. But don’t worry, we got your back! We have a variety of communication tools for you so you can stay updated and can communicate with ease with your teammates. Also, different software’s are also mentioned below which you require on a basic level because going deeper, every field will have its own software like a photographer who’s working from home will use a photo editing software like adobe photoshop.
You will obviously need a good laptop or computer system with an excellent working internet connection. Once you have them, you are half sorted to start working from home.
A variety of work collaboration communication tools are available online for free as well as paid. Namely, Hangouts, Workplace by Facebook, Basecamp. Slack, Discord, Microsoft teams, etc. All of these tools allow your teammates to interact effectively from different locations with Slack being the most popular one these days.
A to-do list helps you keeping a track of your work so you don’t forget anything. There are a number of tools that let you keep lists or work logs, which can be shared with team members so everyone has visibility of the tasks at hand. Some highly recommended tools for this purpose are Trello and Google Keep. Both tools are versatile and ensure project management and communication in an easier manner.
Other than Trello and Google Keep, Zoho, Paymo, and Asana are some tools and apps which let small teams manage projects effectively.
Now, let’s get started with some basic software that you may require while working because you will obviously work with documents, worksheets, and presentations.
If you wish to work online, Google has a tool for everything, like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drive. You can also save your online files to your computers which are otherwise saved on the cloud which is linked to your google account. You can also share them with your teammates or you can even create links to share your files which will be accessible by all.
Other than this, Microsoft also offers different software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft office, etc. You can share them through your email or other communication tools.
What are your tools and software while working from home? Tell us about how your team is working efficiently from home by commenting down. Stay safe and healthy.

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