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How to make software at home ?

A software program is “a series of coded software instructions to control the operation of a computer or other machine” according to the Oxford Dictionary. A program or the applications you use on your phone or computer are all software.
For instance, the news application on your phone is a software. Not only this but Netflix and Spotify are software too as they have instructions to stream media on them.
Scripts, the bits of code that, say, tell your computer to dim your screen at 8PM are software. Excel and Mathematica and Photoshop and AutoCAD are software and they have instructions to organize data and crunch numbers and tweak photos and draw blueprints.
However, the 3 core types of software are,
• System software: The operating system (Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and so on) and utilities that run your device and make your computer function.
• Application software: The vast majority of software, what Wikipedia calls “the general designation of computer programs for performing tasks.” When you buy a new app, most of the time, it’s application software.
• Computer programming tools: This software includes compilers are that turns code into application software. These are often hidden from view, but they’re a crucial part of bringing new software to your devices.

Also, there are different programming languages which can be used to create as software. The choice of the language totally depends on you. Programming Languages used for software development may vary according to multiple factors. Some might pick the most secure one, some easiest or some might pick the toughest one. You can go for the following programming languages,
• Python : Python is a high-level programming language used for general-purpose programming. With a simple syntax, Python has automatic memory management.
• Java: Java is an object-oriented programming language that can be written on any device and can work even on a cross-platform basis. Often used to develop mobile applications, Java is also the basis of the Android operating system.
• Ruby: With numerous tools and libraries available along with the language, Ruby is simple to use the programming language that does not require one to learn programming vocabulary or commands.
• SQL: SQL is found to be an interactive language that is on the rising path among other programming languages. Tech giants like Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, Helix, Microsoft, etc. continue to utilize SQL in their systems.
• PERL: One of the commonly used languages for software, hardware, and network testing, PERL helps in ensuring the best quality of a software product. It is the most used programming languages for web apps.

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