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How to increase Productivity while Working from Home?

After Corona virus hit the world, companies asked their employees to work from home. Working from home is a bit of a task as it can make you lazy and can develop many bad habits. But, like every coin has two sides, working from home also has some major benefits. It boosts your creativity and productivity when given a creative task.
You are free to work anytime and that too in your pajamas. You can take a few more breaks than you take in the office because you don’t have to rush home. And you can spend time with your family and pets. But with so much leisure comes the responsibility to finish your work on time and with utmost sincerity. And as it boosts your productivity, you also need to keep in mind some points because you will not be working from home after this COVID-19 period ends. So it’s better not to adopt all these habits as eventually, you have to back to the office and work.
Always stay in touch with your time as your team is working remotely and as everyone must be doing there best in the creative tasks. But you may miss sharing ideas with one another and as a team, you all have to be on the same page. Staying connected with your team is very important to stay updated with the progress on projects you’re working on.
You’re free to take breaks whenever you are hungry or want some air. Also, WFH is the ideal time to work on the projects you didn’t have time for.
You know your inner self so you can try and plan your day according to that. Make a proper time table and follow that strictly. Divide your walking time, meals, working hours and time to be spent with family. Minus the distractions like social media and disturbance of your family and children in between.
If you are an office person, working from home can get tiring for you mentally, more than physical. The idea of work from home may seem simple but it is not at all. Hope these tips will help you work more effectively and make your mind more productive. Do share your feedback with us in the comment section

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