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How to Get Leads for your Business?

We’ve already discussed in our previous blogs what importance does social media hold while you are running your business. It not only helps your brand to make a name n the market but also it increases your profits.Today we’ll be throwing light on how you can get more leads for your business. And for that too, social media is a holy grail including Google Adwords, ads on Instagram, and Facebook.Google is the most widely used search engine and there’s no doubt that it can take your business from a local level to a global level. But it is also an amazing platform to find leads and is also considered the best option for it.Google Adwords is an excellent option to make your brand a popular one amongst the people. You can find leads on it every day on a budget. Its benefit is that it lets you advertise on the Google Display Network and the Google Search network.But for that you need to create a Google-friendly landing page and don’t violate Google’s site policies because if you do so, Google an even ban your account. Be smart enough, you can’t run away from Google.

Talking about Facebook, traffic from a Facebook ad to a landing page optimized for lead generation, undoubtedly, it is one of the best ways to find qualified leads. You can either organize contests on your page which lead to lead generation or Email-gating (a simple practice of asking a visitor to your website for their email address before allowing them to download your valuable piece of content.) Another way to score more leads from Facebook is through Facebook Ad targeting. Consider it as a great investment which is worth it as it is what makes the ad ROI achievable. The best part about it is that it allows you to target your target audience very specifically.

While on Instagram, you can leave a link in your profiles bio to which you wish to generate leads for. You can even create content that drives your existing followers to your website, for instance, you can ask them to sign a newsletter to get more updates about your work or even can buy your artwork from there if you are into the artistic field. You can share Instagram stories with a swipe up link, like most of the celebrities do today to drive the audience towards their YouTube channel or websites.

Youtube is the most used search engine when it comes to videos. Many bloggers and artists from every field have gained fame from youtube. And we all have our favorites, don’t we run straight to our phones and open youtube whenever we’re cooking something new? We prefer YouTube for every purpose, be entertainment or homework.It is the most dynamic platform and you can use it to tell your brand’s story in a way that will resonate with your target market. You can make your brand stand out by getting it promoted by the bloggers in their videos. The biggest perk on YouTube is that you can find anything on it very easily, so you just have to focus on putting the right keywords.

Make sure the text surrounding the video is fully optimized for search. This means having plenty of keywords. You need to enter a title to your video that is searchable on Google and YouTube both.

Generating leads is all about getting more people to sign up for your website. It means to attract more people who share their contact information with you so that you can help them with your product and the services your brand offers.

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