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Demand of Essential Services in Jalandhar.

The core of our company, ITELinfo is from Jalandhar and we provide you with the IT Services including website development in jalandhar and web designing in punjab, digital marketing, mobile app development- Android App, SEO services, digital marketing in jalandhar and many more. We are a passionate and successful team and are dedicated to your goal. However, essential services are highly in demand in jalandhar beacause of the lockdown.

1.Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is all about making the best use of the internet and the right social media platforms. It has grown in major cities including Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, and Bangalore. But Jalandhar is also catching up with digital marketing as a variety of successful ventures are launched every year with the help of digital marketing.However, we still need to understand the importance of Digital Marketing because it plays a very crucial part of growing your business and to make it popular. By choosing Professional Digital Marketing services, you don’t have to deploy the manpower to go physically into the market and promote the product because this process eases the process of promoting every business.


SEO has a lot going on under the table but we will only cover the site speed aspect today. The opening speed of a website is very important and Google has made it an actual factor and ranks your website keeping in notice your website’s opening speed.No matter how good your content is, but if your site took ages to load, most of the customers will not even wait for it to open before shutting it down. A fast lading site indicates that you care about your customer and don’t want them to wait for long to connect to you. Not only this, fast sites are easy to crawl so keep your site updated and delete any outdated information. By offering a fast site you are not only working on improving your conversion rate, but you’re also building trust and brand loyalty. Most of all it improves user experience making it less stressful.


A website just helps you grow more and spread your existence in people’s minds. An E-commerce website is all you need these days to run your small scale business. Unlike having a store at one place and with your clients being of a limited area, your target audience can be anyone, anywhere throughout the world. Not only this, but you also have numerous advantages of owning an E-commerce website for your small business.

4.Website on Demand

Websites are in a huge demand these days because even the smallest business is going digital. Websites offer us a number of benefits like it allow you to spread your business nationally or internationally. You don’t need to have a particular store when you have a website because your customers can be from anywhere over the globe. We design the perfect websites for you and follow your requirements which reflect your brand and the idea behind it on your website. We also make sure that the navigation of your website is top-notch allowing the customers easy to scroll through it. All these services are very much in demand and currently, we are also offering a heavy drop in our prices because of the COVID-19. If you wish to take our help to grow your business by any of our services, feel free to contact us. Call or WhatsApp at +91-98586-22001 or +91-98592-00123.

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