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Healthcare is better when Technology shakes hands with Health.

Technology has become an important part of the world today and is also a very essential part of the health industry. The right technology can assist with improved efficiency, improved quality, and reduced expenses. Technology has brought a massive change in the healthcare industry. Detecting diseases has become easier than ever and technology also helps in healing quickly and causes less pain for many of the fast-spreading diseases. Technology never stops developing and newer technology has improved patient care and healthcare experience overall. Newer technology has improved the quality of life of the patients as well. Some aspects that prove healthcare are better when technology shakes hands with health are discussed in brief below.
Technology has brought a huge evolution in the medical field as it helps in storing health informatics and reduces the bulky paperwork. It has also reduced time consumption, space, and money. Earlier, all the information of the patients was done on paper, which washed all records if misplaced. Today, technology has made it easier to store all the information of patients on computers and has also made communication between doctors and transferring of information faster. Wristbands and watches fall under wearable technology and are helping many health enthusiasts. With these wearable technology items, a person can track his health. These devices also store the data and help the doctors and patients monitor the health of the wearer. Just like the wearable technology, mobile apps are also helping keep track and record of a person’s health. Mobile apps also remind a patient to take his medicines on time and also to visit his doctor. Health apps also track their food intake and activities and also offers customized solutions. Adopting technology has improved the healthcare field and has proven to be of great help to the doctors and patients. Even in the crisis of COVID-19, technology is proving to be really helpful as more and more ventilators are in demand worldwide. Technology has lowered the costs, increased efficiency and most importantly has improved quality of care.

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