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The benefit of masks, hand sanitizers, and Infrared thermometer.

Ever since the COVID-19 hit the world, there has been a huge demand for anti-virus equipment like face masks, sanitizers, and Infrared thermometers. And we are supplying all of this equipment just on your doorstep in our city, Jalandhar. And today’s blog is all about understanding the importance of these masks, infrared thermometers, and sanitizers. Here are some benefits of the equipment available with us explained briefly.

1.KN95 Face Mask

Normal face masks can prevent you from dust but it cannot protect you from viruses. Here comes the KN95 face mask to rescue you, it protects you from all types of viruses in the air, dust particles, and pollution. It is a 4 layers protection mask that easily filters polluted air and lets you breathe. The mask easily fits on your mouth and nose and it is reusable after washing. The mask is really lightweight and is specially designed to prevent Coronavirus and is also recommended by the government of India.

2.Surgical Masks (Face Masks)

A surgical mask is a face mask made of cloth and is not reusable. You can use it one time and then dispose it off when it gets dirty or breathing becomes difficult. It is loose fitting mask and is often referred to as surgical, isolation, dental or medical procedure masks. A surgical mask blocks large particle droplets that may contain viruses and bacteria. However, it does not block very small particles that may transmit through a sneeze, cough, or certain medical conditions.

3.Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are non-contact thermometers that allow you to measure the body temperature of a person from a distance of 5-7 meters. It automatically reduces the chances of transmission of disease through touch. It comes with a 1-year warranty and is of a superior quality. It has inbuilt German sensors ad Taiwanese chip. The thermometer is lightweight and easy to use as it offers temperature readings in both, Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also shows temperature through 3 different colors that help to detect the virus easily. If you are planning to buy one for your home because of this advantage than don’t hesitate because we are delivering these to your doorstep and that too on the same day when you placed your order.

4.Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are essential but at this stage, they are even more important because of coronavirus. You cannot wash your hands every10 minutes as it will make them dry but you can sanitize them with an alcohol-based sanitizer every 10 minutes. While you also have to go out to the office or to buy groceries, a sanitizer is a perfect choice to carry with you as it comes in pocket-friendly sizes too and kills germs that spread viruses and bacteria that can cause a problem or disease.

The main purpose of all these products is to protect you from viruses like coronavirus and are the best product available in today’s date. However, there has been a shortage of sanitizers and masks, but we have a full stock of sanitizers and if you are short on any of these, order it now from us. Give us a call on 9858622001 to enquire and to order the products. ITELinfo has taken an initiative to protect you from COVID-19 and we request you to stay home and stay safe and follow the guidelines given by the government.

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