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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about KN95 Masks and Infrared Thermometer

Coronavirus has spread its roots all over the world and scientists are unable to discover a cure for it. And as there is no cure for it, the only thing we can do is take precautions and use safety gear like face masks, gloves, sanitizers, and Infrared thermometers. And as COVI-19 is affecting more and more people each day, it is a necessity for us to take all the precautions. However, today we’ll enlighten you about KN95 face mass and infrared thermometers. Here’s everything you need to know about KN95 masks and infrared thermometers.

1.KN95 Face Mask

Normal masks prevent you from dust and pollution but the KN95 mask is different and that is the reason that its demand is higher than its production and supply. It is a five-layer mask and prevents any virus in the air; it filters the air and makes it easy for you to breathe. The mask is a must-have till the COVID-19 season ends. The mask is suitable for males, females, and children as you can adjust its shape according to your mouth and nose. It is reusable and washable and avoids dust, pollution, viruses, and allergies. KN95 is a very lightweight mask and is specially designed for coronavirus. However, whenever you leave your house, make sure to wear the mask after washing your hands. And then you can step out without any fear. After coming back, remove the mask and keep it in a safe and clean place. Wash the mask in every 8 hours of use according to the washing instructions available in the box of the mask. Also, every person should use a different mask and these masks should not be shared to avoid any type of disease.

2.Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers (Pyrometers) are temperature sensing devices that use electromagnetic radiation to make non-contact surface temperature readings are widely used throughout many industries and environments. They are useful for applications in which quick spot temperature readings are desired or where conventional temperature sensors cannot be easily used. Thermometers are either contact or non-contact. Contact thermometers are inexpensive and accurate, making them the most prevalent type of thermometer in temperature measurement. However, Contact thermometers have limitations and they take time to show the temperature. Infrared thermometers focus on infrared energy through a lens that is produced from an object on the detector, called a thermopile. Thermopile converts that energy into an electrical signal which, after compensating for the ambient temperature, is displayed in units of temperature. Filtering and signal processing amplifies and stabilizes the signal for more accurate and linear readings. Basically, Infrared thermometers are non-contact thermometers that allow you to measure the body temperature of a person from a distance of 5-7 meters. It automatically reduces the chances of transmission of disease through touch. It comes with a 1-year warranty and is of superior quality. It has inbuilt German sensors ad Taiwanese chip. The thermometer is lightweight and easy to use as it offers temperature readings in both, Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also shows temperature through 3 different colors that help to detect the virus easily.

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