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Why CCTV Cameras are important in banking Sector?

CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television Cameras invented by Marine Van Brittan. It produces images and recordings for surveillance purposes. CCTV camera system includes one or more cameras that are used to send video images and audio data to a monitor. These camera systems use cameras to transmit the signals to the main hub which then records that data for later viewing or live screening. We can watch it from the monitor, a computer, and even from our smartphone.

CCTV system is reliable and useful in Banking Sectors because in banks we deal with large amounts of money and important documents daily. The banking sector is no doubt on high-risk security targets. Altogether we can say that banks have the highest value of cash consignment compared with other non-banking sectors.

A good CCTV surveillance system is still the basic need of banks. In the past, CCTV cameras were expensive and the captured image quality was poor, showing only the blurred rough shadow of criminals as evidence that was inadmissible in court. Nevertheless, with our technology getting smarter—for instance, development of wide dynamic range (WDR)—CCTV cameras have become a necessity as they are now capable of dynamic functions which include central managing system, face recognition as well as capturing individual car number plates.

With CCTV cameras we can have good access control in the following areas: The computer network room, doors leading to the vaults, doors in the cash delivery area, treasury offices, and doors leading to the administration area from the Banking Hall. This allows the bank personnel to determine what is going on with all of their locations and ensure their establishments are safe and secure.

Today, we seek to shed light on the benefits correspond to banks CCTV surveillance systems opted.

It prevents banks from robberies and theft – being guaranteed custodians of ready cash and valuables, banks continue to be high-stake targets for criminals looking for a big payout. In the event of a robbery or fraud, the footage provides evidence to speed up investigations and track down suspects.

It is helpful in Crime investigation: In the event of a robbery or fraud, the surveillance footage often provides evidence to speed up investigations and further identify and track down suspects.

  • We can check the Fraud easily: IP video surveillance systems with advanced video analytics such as facial recognition are a big aid in establishing fraud checks at banks.
  • Combat “phantom ATM withdrawals”: It is not uncommon for bank customers to report suspicious ATM withdrawals where money has been taken from their accounts without their knowledge. Bank security cameras, which record every ATM transaction, can provide answers in such situations.
  • It Coordinates information from multiple locations: Modern bank video surveillance systems allow footage from multiple branches to be transmitted to a central monitoring room, or viewed over the internet. This makes audits and controls very easy swift and cost-effective.
  • We can Integrate CCTV cameras with alarm systems: New age surveillance systems facilitate the integration of bank security cameras with alarm systems into a single network.
  • Intelligent functionality: Intelligent security cameras with video analytics such as motion sensing, facial recognition, and behavioral recognition can be used to effectively identify suspicious or abnormal activity in and around the bank.
  • Digital storage: With digital technology, storage and management of surveillance footage are more efficient, convenient, and accessible.
  • Continuous surveillance: Bank security cameras allow for continuous surveillance of banking facilities, protecting outside of typical workday hours. This is especially helpful for ATMs,.
  • Data recognition: Video surveillance systems that use digital technology are capable of advanced forms of data recognition, which prove useful in searching the video footage for specific bank transactions and images of particular individuals.
  • Remote access: IP surveillance allows for remote monitoring of live and archived video footage from any computer with an internet connection and access to the network.

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