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The necessity of CCTV Camera in Hotels and Restaurants.

We as a species have always wanted shelter and security from back in the stone age to today’s modern era. A sense of security is a must in every home or hotel and CCTV cameras play a big role in it. Hotels are the most important part of the city. They are not just structures with several rooms, they have a life of their own filled with various experiences of people arriving and leaving on a daily basis. In such circumstances, it is very important to guarantee the safety and security of people visiting a hotel. And, with so many visitors, it also becomes equally important to ensure the safety of hotel premises. To create a safe and secure atmosphere all around the hotel, it is very necessary to have CCTV cameras installed in the hotel premises. The presence of CCTV cameras not only increases the trust of customers, and the recorded footage from them also acts as evidence in case of any unexpected activity.

Maintaining a CCTV surveillance system in your hotel is very easy nowadays. For live viewing, We can install one without DVR and can easily monitor everything live and if we want a recording of all the activities then we can go for CCTV systems that come with DVR or can be attached with a computer. With advance technology, wireless CCTV cameras are also available in the market.

Following are the Benefits of installing CCTV cameras in hotel premises:-
• Beside rooms, there are various facilities that hotels provide such as spa, gym, swimming pool, etc. The presence of CCTV at these places helps to identify trespassers and management can take quick action to restrict them from entering the place.
• CCTV when installed in storage or maintenance rooms of hotels helps in preventing a possible theft by employees. Employees also hesitate to do any unethical activities when they see a CCTV camera is installed and realizes they are being monitored.
• The presence of CCTV cameras in hotel parking, corridors and entrances give a sense of security to the guest. This has become a major selling point in hotels today as people tend to move to hotels who enlist security as their main priority.
• There are some unexpected activities such as slips falls, or fights that happen with guests. In such cases, the customer files a lawsuit against the hotel and demands alimony. To bring the truth out, management should analyze CCTV recording. If they find that it happened because of the negligence of the hotel, they should quickly resolve the matter. If they see that hotel is not responsible for whatever happened, they can counter the allegation and can use CCTV footage as evidence.
• There are some guests who harm the property such as damaging furniture in a common area or the decorations and when they are fined, they deny. In such cases, CCTV footage acts as a piece of evidence and strengthens the hotel’s viewpoint.

When CCTV cameras are installed on the hotel premise, you and your guests can remain tension free and focus on the event. While installing the cameras, the management should consider that the cameras do not interrupt the privacy of guests in any manner, the only purpose of installing the cameras should be safety and security of the guests and hotel premises. Business hotels require a closed network surveillance system that can take care of sensitive information and give complete privacy to its guests.

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