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13 Startup Opportunities rising after the Pandemic.

As the coronavirus has forced every business, restaurant, store, and theaters across the country to shut down, ample of workers are jobless. If we look back over other recessions or downturns in our economy, great companies have been born at this time. This pandemic will also spawn some amazing startups and a host of new products and services. At the same time, the public health crisis has created some new jobs. As companies weigh how to reopen and bring staff back in a safe way, temperature screeners and Covid-19 testers will be needed. As this pandemic continues to impact almost every part of our lives, there are going to be major opportunities for existing brands and new startup companies that will leverage either an opportunistic or a longer-term opportunity as elaborated below:-

  • Covid-19 testers: Covid-19 testers are required by all the factories and companies which are opening. These workers are conducting swab tests at hospitals, nursing homes, factories, and offices. These positions will be filled by registered nurses and nursing assistants as factories and companies reopen.
  • Covid-19 caregivers: There’s a surge in demand for caregivers to tend to the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve contracted Covid-19. Of course, people will want to consider the risks to their health from such work.
  • Contact tracers: They call people who might have contracted the virus to provide tips and try to arrange to test.
  • Temperature screeners: Once the pandemic has been reduced, one of the conditions for businesses to re-open will be to conduct regular employee screenings before an employee enters a business workplace.
  • By law enforcement officer: Cities and towns are hiring officers and people to assist officers, to follow up on complaints about people violating social distancing and other COVID-19-related policies.
  • Screen manufacturers and installers: Companies and schools will need to install Plexiglas shields and dividers if they want to safely accommodate students, workers, and customers. As a result, there should be a high demand for people who can make and set up the structures.
  • Face-mask manufacturers: Face masks have become an increasingly common sight on the streets of cities around the world in recent weeks. The mounting threat from the novel coronavirus is convincing more people around the world to wear masks whenever they go outside.
  • Zoom support specialists: As teachers adapt to virtual classrooms, and doctors perform exams via a screen, business organizations conduct meetings and inductions on zoom meeting. They grow the need for video platform technical support also.
  • Cleaning Services: As COVID-19 cases continue to rise throughout the country so is the nationwide demand for cleaning services. Several cleaning companies have seen an increase in requests for additional services as people are being reminded to constantly clean and disinfect all commonly-used areas, offices, and facilities to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.
  • Delivery Services: While delivery services have been trying to get their toe-hold for the past several years, the leaders will now grab market-share and trial with new customers, some of whom will continue the service long after the pandemic is over. Other startups will focus on niches delivering what never used to be delivered.
  • Remote Fitness: As the coronavirus continues to spread, fitness studios around the country are shutting their doors and adjusting to a new reality. The whole notion of a “virtual” trainer will now explode into other exercise modalities as well.
  • E-commerce: This pandemic, while a potential death blow to physical retail stores, will accelerate e-commerce to even higher levels. Online stores like Amazon and Flipkart has seen an explosion of orders in recent months. E-commerce will never look back and even more niche e-commerce opportunities will surface.
  • Entertainment: Gaming has accelerated in this crisis, Netflix and others have seen a tremendous rise in viewership. Investors will be backing next-generation companies that can bring entertainment to the masses on a one to one basis.

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