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Tips to Keep Your Business Safe from Data Breaches.

Data is the foundation for every business’s success, and business owners must realize the importance of keeping their data safe and secure against violators. Data breaches can happen to all business sizes. They can occur due to human error or nasty intention, and it is often a combination of the two. By making yourself aware of the risks and protecting your business, you can keep your customers safe from harm.

Worst Data Breaches of 2020

The world has already undergone a lot this year that it’s frightening to imagine what is going to happen in the rest of the months. To stay aware and informed about what’s happening around, let’s quickly go through the major hacks and data breaches.

  • In January, Microsoft Database was Exposed:-A customer support database that held more than 280 million Microsoft customer records were left unprotected on the Internet. The database exposed data including email addresses, support case details, and IP addresses.
  • In March, Attack on WHO was bombarded by attackers with corrupt messages while trying to access its digital systems.
  • In April, Facebook Profiles were Listed for Sale:- It was reported that over 267 million Facebook profiles were listed for sale on hacker forums and the Dark Web.
  • In May 2020, Attack on Go Daddy by Unauthorized Third-Party:-Go Daddy, the popular web hosting site announced that an unauthorized third party got access to the login credentials of its customers. To avoid future losses Go Daddy has reset all the passwords.
  • Confidential Data of Dating Apps Being Exposed:-Security researchers discovered in May that around 845 gigabytes of customer data from nine dating apps were publically accessible on the Internet. Security Lapse at Twitter:- In June 2020, a security lapse at Twitter resulted in exposing the account information (like email address, phone number, last four digits of the credit card number) of the business users of the social media company.
  • Zoom Accounts Listed for Sale:-Similar to Facebook, more than 500K Zoom teleconferencing accounts were found for sale on the Dark Web. The credential stuffing attack managed to gather email addresses, passwords, host keys, and personal meeting URLs.
  • Hackers Target Gilead Sciences:- Gilead Sciences, an American bio pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing and distributing treatments of COVID-19, was targeted by Iran-linked hackers.
How To Keep Your Business Safe in the COVID-19 Era?

While all the tech giants are hit hard by the recent cyber attacks, your business is not an exception. When the economy is already declining at a massive rate and with the spike in data threats globally, Business owners need to be active and aware to safeguard their business

Below are the few security tips that can help businesses to stay safe from malicious activities:
  • The first victims of a cyber attack are the devices that are easy to compromise i.e. the ones without an antivirus, firewall, or recent security updates. For minimizing this risk, you must turn on the automatic security updates, configure a firewall, and install antivirus solutions.
  • Ensure that all your networking devices don’t have the default passwords, as it makes it easy for attackers to get access to your network. Also, make sure that the passwords use set aren’t easy to crack- try a mix of upper and lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, and special characters. Also, update the Wi-Fi credentials regularly and set strong passwords.
  • To protect your digital identity, you must use strong passwords, biometric authentication such as your face or fingerprint, or you can even enable multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • While accessing new apps for online meetings and attending conference calls while working remotely, just be sure that who all can access and join the meeting, if the call can be recorded or not, is file sharing allowed and where are those files stored, and are the chats stored and shared. So, before using any app, you need to focus a lot on privacy and think twice before you share anything on the apps.
  • For ensuring that the data on your device is safe from any unauthorized access, you must turn on device encryption so that your data isn’t lost or hacked at any cost.

Data sharing offers plenty of benefits, but they have risks, especially when unauthorized users access information. Company data may comprise confidential customer or transaction information, which can lead to the company’s loss of trust and credibility. Data protection is a necessary tool for every enterprise to ensure data privacy and enhance trust and confidence among your consumers. Thus, companies must have concrete data protection policies and practices to ensure that their data is not compromised at any cost by hackers. Don’t fall a Victim, Stay Active, and Act Smart!

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