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Data entry is the work of entering an exact type of data into computer or any other electronic device using specific software. This work is done by proficient data entry operators who have complete knowledge regarding data entry. When someone wants to change the format of any preferred information and data then data entry work is performed and the information can be transcribed in the desired format. These formats generally include handwritten documents, spreadsheets, sequencing of numbers, computer codes etc. There are different types of Data Entry Services like Product Data Entry, Accounting Data Entry, Manual Data Entry, Advanced technology, Data Capturing and Entering, Online & Offline Data Entry, Data Mining and Data Entry Insurance Claims etc. Aside from these services, there is many more data entry services provided in this industry. Outsourcing these services can provide you the best quality services with the professional touch.


Data conversion is the alteration of one data format into another. It is a technical process mostly done by software, although rarely hardware or human involvement is used. The sole purpose of the data conversion is to enable interoperability and to maintain all of the data with technology as much as information as possible. It can be simple or intricate based on the surroundings and data formats involved. Data is handled by the working system and different applications in different manners, so in order to use the same data for other operating systems or applications, data must be converted.


Data analytics is the science of scrutinizing raw data in order to make opinion about that information. Many of the techniques and processes of data analytics have been programmed into mechanical processes and algorithms that work over raw data for human utilization. DA techniques can disclose trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the mass of information. Data analytics is important because it helps businesses to enhance their performances. A company can also use data analytics to make better business decisions and help examine customer trends and satisfaction, which can lead to new and better products & services.  Basic types of Data analytics are Descriptive analytics, Diagnostic analytics, Predictive analytics, and Prescriptive analytics 


The biggest challenges of a real estate professional and property owner are reorganization property management back office services. The chore of maintenance, support, legalities, publicity, payment and collections requires time, effort and manpower which can be used effectively elsewhere. This calls for a planned outsourcing partner who performs these real estate and property management tasks. Managing property requires full-time contribution and in-depth understanding of various aspects related to property management.

Services provided by Property Management

Publicity Services for eg. Advertisement in newspapers and websites, interacting with clients, performing activities related to background verification of clients, checking properties of clients regularly .

  • Maintenance Services:-Undertaking complete maintenance of commercial and residential properties.
  • Payment & Collection Services:-Collecting rent on your behalf and ensuring deposit and documentation is in place. Managing remuneration for all employees involved in property management and property maintenance.
  • Legal Services:-Like Rental Documentation, Customer satisfaction survey and Legal Action Support.

      Data processing is basically organizing all the data entered into the software in order to filter out the most useful information out of it. This is a very important task for any company as it helps them in extracting most relevant content for later use. This processing is performed in order to store the most refined information in their systems for later use. Nowadays, industry people depend on strong and well-organized software tools to help in processing all that data. The advancement in areas such as data security, machine leaning, data science, network security etc requires a focused approach for reliable, accurate & cost effective data processing. All the businesses, especially those which require real time data processing need consistent & competent data center.


      Small and medium sized businesses have seen a huge increase in revenue generation due to web-based trading. With e-commerce getting enormous popularity over the years, it makes sense to influence not just desktop users but also PDA, tablet and smart phone users to browse through your product catalogs and search your services. It can be classified in Catalog Conversion Services, Catalog Content Management, Catalog Building and Indexing, Catalog Updating Services, Catalog Processing Services, e- Commerce Data Entry Services.


      Today most organizations are going paperless by combining the latest in image acquirement and image improvement technologies. OCR experts exchange documents into digital files that can be stored, accessed, retrieved and edited by individuals or machines as when required. Further these digitized documents can be used effectively in document management systems and hosting on websites. By combining best image recognition and improvement technologies, to convert documents into digital files. It also offer onsite document scanning for very sensitive or valuable documents which you would not wish to leave on your premises. Our solutions include OCR Cleanup Services, Document Scanning Services, Document Digitizing Services and Microfiche Scanning and Conversion.


      The biggest nightmare for data information officers is assembling, collating, analyzing and making data available for reference in an organization. With the span of data found in paper, digital, emails, databases and other forms, indexing this information cautiously works effectively. With the surge of data, data managers look to make this information readily available and easy to use for the organization. Document indexing services help to create complete databases that can support companies to survive in this data savvy environment. Indexing services includes Full Profile and Text Indexing Services, Data Backup & Duplication Services and Document conversion Services. Indexing benefits helps to create a guide for digital or printed documents. A thorough indexing job begins with proper categorization of information and the words & terms used in the document need to be cross referenced.

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