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Types of Logo.

From your shirt to your car, you see different types of logos everywhere. When you see them, you think that they are simply a symbol. But that’s not the case. Logos are more intricate and significant than you may think. A logo is an organic part of your brand identity which signifying your business. Although there are different kinds of logos, each one of them is an amalgamation of an image and typeface. Every brand mark you see around you has a different gaze and experience. Since your brand image is the first thing your prospective customers see when making associate with your brand. In spite of its small size, a logo is answerable for a number of vital functions that determine your company’s achievement. A good logo ensures that your products stand out through their exclusive features and advantages. An appropriately designed icon adds a proficient experience to your communal documents, employee uniform, promotion flyers, and other items that make up your brand individuality. Let’s know about them one-by-one.

Below Are Different Types of Logos
  1. Letter marks Or Monogram Logos: These are the logos which comprises the brand’s initials. Look at HBO, CNN, IBM, NASA, and HP names, do you find anything common? They stand for a famous company’s name. The names are in their initial forms rather than full forms. The organization showed their name within two or three words rather than going for the complete name. And guess what? They all are the brands’ people barely forgetting about! Each of these brands has used their initials as a logo in spite of going for an elaborate image. As they are easy to recognition, it makes sense why they opted for monogram logos. It’s also known as letter mark logos. It’s a style-based logo design which uses some letters. This type of logo is all about cleanness. Letter mark logos are perfect at reformation any brand that has a longer than usual name. For example, it’s easy to remember HBO than its full name Home Box Office or NASA at the place of National Aeronautics and Space. As the focus is shifted to the initials of the brands, make sure you choose the right fonts. If required, you can create convention typography such logo types. Don’t worry if you are new in the market. You can insert the full name of your business exactly underneath the logo for branding. As logotypes are easy to form, you can take the assistance of a logo artist. In case you don’t want to spend extra, it’s the best technique to leave.
  2. Logotypes or Word marks: A word mark logo looks exactly like a letter mark. However, it is slightly different from the later one. This type of logo doesn’t focus on the initials but the entire name of a brand. Many big brands have embraced the idea of logotypes, for example— Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Google, FedEx, Disney, and many more. A word mark logo works well when a brand has an exclusive, simple, and attractive name. The name, when combined with tremendous style, creates an exclusive brand identity. Since the limelight will be on your name, you need to pick a typeface that captures the essence of your brand. If your business is related to national agencies, go with a traditional font. However, if it’s in the fashion province, go for elegant, high-end fonts.
  3. Logo Symbols: Different types of logos or logo symbols are quite prominent. It’s a graphic or icon-based logo. When you think about such types of logos, some names that come to yours wits are Twitter, Apple, Target, and more. Each of these brands has a symbolic logo, which is easily identifiable. When you decide to go with a logo symbol, the most challenging part is to choose an image. The mark that you select for your business will go with its continuation. But before you choose one, judge its entanglement first. Do you want to display a deeper meaning with it? Are you using a symbol touching emotions? Think broader effect of the logo symbol and you will find something important matching with your business.
  4. Abstract Logos: These types of logos have images, but they avoid factual demonstration. You can use any conceptual geometric forms to represent your company. Some of the greatest examples of these kinds of logo designs are Nike swoosh, Adidas flower, the divided circle of Pepsi, and so forth. Like all logo designs, the abstract logo works well as those your business into a single pictorial representation. Instead of being limited to a single mage, abstract logos help you create a custom image to represent your business. The finest thing about this logo design is that you can express your brand’s point emblematically. You don’t need to rely on the civilizing proposition of an image. With the help of color and other fundamentals, you can give it an exact meaning that rotates about your brand. Nike’s swoosh is just like that which symbolizes freedom and movement.
  5. Mascot Logos: As the name describes, mascot logos, different symbols, include illustrated or anthropomorphized characters. They are often lively, cartoonist, and amusing. If you want to generate something exclusive to symbolize your brand, mascot logos are the best pledge. A mascot works like an representative of your brand. Food brands, service companies, and sports teams are great clients of these logotypes. The purpose of such brand marks is to get public with the viewers. Some famous mascots of the brands are KFC’s Colonel, Mr. Peanut Planter, and so on. If you want to create an immense ambiance about your brand, mascot logos are perfect to go with. Your audience would love to get involved with your mascot if it’s engaging and created exclusively.
  6. Combination Marks: In the world of branding, you don’t need to fix to just a one type of logo. You can form one by combining special types of logo ideas. Combine a figure with letter logos or wordmarks to make something exclusive. You can comprise picture and text together to stand out from others. Like Burger King, Dove, Lacoste, Doritos, and Mail Chimp. These brands use both the logotypes and symbols mutually. As your brand’s name will have a depiction, it makes an adaptable picture for logo design. It also allows the community to connect your name with your company name with the mascot or figure right away! Also, it gives you the flexibility to depend only on the logo symbol and eliminate the name if essential once you have sufficient skill. As such logos create a different image; you won’t face problems for trademark.
  7. Letter forms: These types of logos are the minimalistic version of monogram logos. They are also known as letter logos. To get into execution, these brand marks require being bold as well as eye-catching. Since, it’s tricky to think of just one letter as a diplomat of your brand, appoint a qualified graphic designer to get the things right. The letter logos are scalable. You can use it everywhere from the Web to printed materials, and they look great. An effectively made out letter logo will appeal your brand’s full name in people’s mind once they see it. As the logo contains only individual letters, its design becomes critical. If it isn’t exceptional or unforgettable, it’s of no use. You can use a vivid background or give it a funky typeface, stimulating color, or any aspect that will make the letter pop and vibrate with your brand. Some top examples of letter logos are Yahoo, McDonalds, WordPress, and Netflix.
  8. Emblem Logos: These are the oldest types of logos. However, the demand for these logos hasn’t vanished behind up till now. The emblem logo includes a symbol or picture with seals, crests, and badges. As far as organizations, schools, government agencies and the auto industry are concerned, emblem logos are the first choice. While some companies don’t mind dazzling their brand spirit with traditional design, others give the traditional emblem a modern look. Let’s take an example of the iconic logo of Starbucks. It includes a mermaid emblem with its name written along. The same goes for Harley- Davidson’s famous crest logo. As the design of such logotypes is complex, they prove a little less adaptable than other types of logos discussed earlier. Their complicated nature won’t make them easier to include in every aspect of branding. For written materials like business cards, an emblem logo may scaled down, which makes it hard to read.
  9. Slime Logos: Slime logos are new-age brand marks. Unlike the ones mention previously, these types of logos have a cartoonist background. It means that instead of having a standard typeface or symbol, it has slime-inspired fundamentals. You can hire a freelance graphic designer to create a perfect slime logo that matches your branding requirements. Even you can even get incredible slime logo ideas from the Web before opting for one. If your brand is into kids’ interest or serves playful purposes, choosing a slime logo is the best thought.
  10. Fonts Inside A Shape: These types of logos usually have a name imprinted in various shapes like square, rectangles, square, and more. You can find many examples of logos comprising a name inside a shape such as — Levi’s, Ford, Samsung, MasterCard, and more. When it comes to deciding a logo for your brand, thoughts is the limit. One of the best things you can do when pick a logo for your brand is to see different types of logos. Find out logotypes that you liked the most the word marks, letter forms, logotypes or slime. Make a note of each logotype you like. Consider the message you want your logo to convey to your audience and then come to a final decision. Don’t forget to ask experts in case you have any doubts. Creating a corporate logo is not as intimidating as it might appear at initial. The main thing is to take the process step by step. If your business individuality were a house, a logo would be the first element in its establishment. A logo is what makes your prospective consumers notice your product on a supermarket shelf and choose it over your competitors’ offers. Not bad for a small image.

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