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Growth of society using Information Technology.

History has verified that mankind went through several transformations.  The most recent one is the innovation of information and communication technology. This uprising caused a breach between everything that is old; what is measured new today is rapidly turned into an old and outdated tomorrow. Because of these expansions, the demand for this technology has increased At present, the world is noticing a rapid progression in the requirement for information facilities in terms of amount, eminence and admittance to information, in order to make the best conclusion based on the different changes and dynamics of the enterprise’s environment.   One of the key elements of the success of these systems is that they have become dependent on refined technology that have greatly aided connection to information and obviously reduced costs.

No one can doubt that information technology is an essential and inventive revolution that has touched human life significantly in the last century. Today’s world is considered as a small community thanks to information technology. The process of communication and transmission of information has become so prompt that it has extended throughout the world widely, and it has really affected human life and brought about drastic change. The world now depends wholly on technology, knowing that this technology carries a considerable enough danger to destroy society.

Definition of Information technologies

Information technology (IT) is the use of some computers, storage, networking and other substantial devices, infrastructure and processes to build, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data. Normally, IT is used in relation of enterprise operations as opposed to personal or entertainment technologies.

Numerous areas of public health, including vital statistics, investigation and research, surveillance, epidemiology, surveys, laboratory technology, maternal and child health, and environmental health, apply information technology (IT) to attain their targets and objectives. IT includes the use of computers and communications, and the conversion of data into information and knowledge.

Most modern businesses depend a lot on information systems, from employee e-mail to database management to e-commerce Web sites. Universities have extensive networks to control. Even a small, home-based cookie business wants an order-tracking system.

Effects of information technology in our daily activities
  • Effects on education: – Information technology has made the education process more effective and prolific. Developed methods of education have made this process smoother, such as the replacement of books with tablets and laptops. In addition, the appearance of e-learning platforms permit students to learn from their homes. These platforms can be an effective option for students who are out of school, or who have difficulties keeping up with their instructors in class. These platforms give pupil the chance to review the courses with easier and more concrete explanations at every moment, and this emphasizes the educational method and leads to better results in school.
  • Effects on the health system: – In the field of medicine, medical devices have made an incredible progress. They have become more competent. IT has entered these gadgets and turned them into digital devices that assist their indoctrination and managing. Information technology is of meticulous meaning to health care delivery. Developments of computerized patient records will enhance the competence, effectiveness, and allocation of health care. As managed care programs develop, population-based information will be of rising value to health care providers and to the public health society. Competent, helpful, consistent information systems could in fact, enhance the human quality of patient/doctor interactions by focusing on clinical decision-making and patient desires rather than routine data collection. The development of the field of medicine is important for humankind. It is the basis for living a healthy life away from ailments and aches.
Impacts of information technologies
  • The political impact of (IT) Technology holds the role of influence. Information technologies play a vital role in the political landscape of countries. They have become extensively used in electoral campaigns to persuade the public view and mainly to indulge young people in political life. Politicians use technology in many ways to persuade the growth of different persons in their particular areas. The likes of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are influential communication media platforms that can easily increase the rankings of politicians. Technology is a major factor in most political competitions. Through technology, politicians are able to access funds, achieve political support, and spend a smaller amount on campaigning and approaching their candidature. 
  • The economic impact of (IT) Technological advancement and directorial development have contributed to amplified production, capital growth and the formation of strong competition among manufacturers. The world economy is in the middle of an express revolution. Internet, Mobile technology, Social Media, and Big Data movement, have release a wave of innovations that is generating thousands of new associations and job positions, and is reviving the conventional industries. Currently, we observe big technological trends that are transforming society as well as business and the economy. Each industry now is highly if not completely exaggerated by the appearance of information technology trends, like Cloud, Social Media, Big Data that are redrawing the landscape of the global economy. The major outcome of this appearance is the dis articulation of some jobs, which has distorted the map of the most requested jobs in the universal market and also is enabling and generating new job position summary.
The social impact of (IT)

It can be said that the social impact of information technology has two sides. It cannot be a hundred percent unenthusiastic or hundred percent optimistic. It is a two-sided stick. Prior to information technology communication between people required days even months to reached each other. Thanks to information technology, communication between people in diverse parts of the planet has become a simple and hasty process, via different ways: instant messaging, phone calls or video calls etc.

As pessimistic impact of (IT) on society is “poor language proficiency. Language proficiency is the talent of an individual to speak or perform in an attained language. This is a very severe matter to worry about this developing information technology on the public. This is because the modern technology allows the pupils to speak with their families and associates instantly using applications such as Line, We Chat and WhatsApp. .

Positive impacts and the benefits of social impact on society are as follows:
  • The decrease of occupational threats and accidents at work.
  • Refocusing on activities with elevated added value.
  • Professionalization.
  • The squaring off of private life and professional life.
  • Restoration and growth of work collectives.
  • The improvement of collective aptitude.

Information has become a vital element of our everyday lives, and we are living in the period of information. Information has a great bang on our society. Technology is playing a key role in the accomplishment of organizations in the ‘information age.’ The shifting times and the innovation of computer have transformed every approach of our society. However, the speedy development of technology has pros and cons in our lives. Information technology is a wide subject apprehensive with all features of organizing and dealing out information, particularly within a large organization or company.

The impact of Information technology is escalating day by day. Every day, we use Information technology in various ways. Computers are very reasonable and thus it reaches to a larger number of consumers. IT has not only brought the world closer but also made it an interdependent system.  It means we can share information promptly and efficiently, without disturbing geographical remoteness.

With the help of IT, communication has become economical, more rapid and more competent.  With the help of the internet, direct, face to face communication has become so easy. Even mobiles phones have become reasonable, which have modern amenities to communicate successfully. Industry experts believe that technology keeps on varying every day. Thus, to keep pace IT practitioners need to constantly study and keep them modernized with the change for their job security.


Technological growth is inflowing into all fields. Education was a big and important part of expansion and development. Information technology has changed individual life completely, and not essentially, all the changes are affirmative. Some may be negative and have an unfavorable effect on human beings and the society.

There are many ways of technology, including deliver science, education and economy. There is a close connection between science and technology. It is noted that the foundation of technology is to study science and employ (IT) inventions in different life regions, in order to meet the needs of individuals and societies. Therefore, it connects governments, companies and societies to develop procedure to increase the lifestyle excellence of the populace.

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