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IT services needed by people in the great Indian Festivals.

In fact every year, we observe many festivals being celebrated throughout India. Now it is Durga Puja; and Diwali just banging at the door. People irrespective of their caste or creed are celebrating. Grownups and kids are equally energized. The new dresses, gifts, the dazzling lights, flowers, foods, the reciting of mantras to sum up enthusiasm are in the atmosphere. You can understand this happy feel of the pujas whenever you are in a public place. It’s just that one should keep their eyes open. So can we imagine a life without festivals? Impossible, right? It’s hard to exaggerate their significance in our lives and the life of a society. They are a lot of reasons for bringing the family together, making friends and celebrating the very spirit of the human being. We are made to multiply cheerfulness. We are anticipated to share good times. Festivals encourage us to be better people and to share our joy with the world.

Last week, the e-commerce monsters Amazon and home-grown rival Flipkart twirl out their first round of pre-festival sales, the Great Indian Festival and the Big Billion Day respectively, offering sky-scraping discounts and deals across essential customer robust groups. The numbers express the growing impact of festivals in India’s buyer market. However, in terms of business and overall consumer market emotions, the months starting from September to December are generally considered as the main ‘festive season’ in the nation. A grand advertising tool for retailers, in India, the festival season gives a great chance for businesses to reaffirm with current and potential clients and consumers. Furthermore, it permits businesses to commence new products, increase brand infiltration, and make their products more reachable in the market.

The online market, captured by Amazon and Flipkart, has become a vital part of India’s festive season. Their shopping festivals form huge calendar events that attract millions of Indian online buyers each year. As these online platforms play an important role in cheering consumers to experience new products and brands, they present a great opening for foreign brands to effectively knock into India’s developing consumer market and favorites.


As per Indian culture and landscape, the events of the festivals are different from region to region. India, being a secular and a multilingual country, is the place observing the prosperous and lively culture from throughout the nation as well as the sphere. So, here we are through the period of the year where we are all thrilled to celebrate the festivals and enjoy the intact in our own manner. Some are excited about the festive discounts on shopping, some to dominate on their heart out with delectable delicacies, decorations, get-togethers, functions, etc.  Well, we are all ready to welcome and enjoy this festive season. Also, we claim that we are all tech-savvy and technology advancement has modernized us but, have we ever sat and pondered the connection between technology advancement and the festivals?


Festive celebrations have always been celebrated passionately since the early days. These date back to the ancient times of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Even though the methods of celebration would be different from the modern style of celebrations. We have historical blueprints and proofs which expose the significance of the performance of each and every festival. There has been a vast difference in the method our ancestors used to celebrate festivals and today’s time how we celebrate the festival. In early times, only people from a particular dynasty had the right to celebrate or only a particular set of people celebrating. But, now each human being has the right and liberty to celebrate. Earlier, people used more pure things for decorations, cooking, etc. but, more than time, we have indulged in using artificial components for the things to look fantastic. Also, the best reason for celebrating festivals these days is that people from all across the sphere and creed aren’t just constrained to celebrate within themselves. Instead, they are open and wholeheartedly involve with each other in creating festivals a great triumph.


With the development of technology, it has impacted on the festivals also. Just assume of times when people used soil lanterns and observe now, by what percentage do you find mud lanterns during the festivals? It’s mostly artificial things or merchandise which are overflowing the market. We have a sufficient amount of products, clothes, eatables to select from. But, technology, our dear friend, has made it simpler to produce huge quantities and distributed among the mass.

Well, only some days left off for the festivals, and you come up with an abrupt plan to go to your native and celebrate with your family and friends? Just sit in front of your desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. book the ticket and make transactions online. And here you are on the day of the festival in front of your family. Wow, the idea itself gives a thrill, doesn’t it? So, now it must be actually effortless for you to make out the whole astonishing thought was overdriven by our rescuer in charge, ‘technology’. Oh, wait! You won’t be capable to craft it out this season and celebrate with family and friends? Upset? Well, you shouldn’t be. Technology has provided us with devices, network connectivity, and Applications through which you can watch your dear ones celebrating in front of your eyes and you don’t suffer expelled.

Marketing Strategies That Work During Festivals

In a country like India, where buying decisions are generally obsessed with sentiments, the holiday season comes with a big bonus of reminding your consumers about the Indian culture by relating it with your products. Festivities give you a very good opportunity to resume with your current and prospective clients or customers. You can map out valuable marketing policies during the festivals that will help you in making an improved bond with your consumers or clients.

“During festivals, people in India are prepared to spend and businessmen like us plan months in advance to meet the rush in sales during the festival season. We have to ensure that we have sufficient stock. Festivals are times when various meals are apprehended all over the nation. For small businesses that do not sell through the direct distributor and retailer way – the meals are a benefit to commence a product to an extensive array of consumers and make immediate sales. It is also the time when we create contacts with vendors.

Here are a few points that will help you to make tighter the bond with your clients/customers during the festive season.
  • Ad campaigns for festivals: During festivals like Deepawali, Dussehra, and others, develop an inventive ad campaign that highlights your product as a manner to celebrate the festivals. Cadbury, for example, came with a new ad campaign for their product ‘Dairy Milk’ during Deepawali through which they tried to put chocolate as an alternative for the Deepawali sweets. And to its opposite, Frito-Lay’s (Pepsico) Kurkure came up with an ad campaign, ‘Muh Kurkure Karo’, during the same point, which said that rather than having surplus sweets this Deepawali, try the ‘Kurkure’. “We had the idea of coming out with heart-shaped soaps during Valentine’s Day. This year we are hoping to contact corporate to set up our stalls at their premises during festival times.” You can also develop pioneering ads and campaigns like these to have an edge over others this festive season.
  • Special Offers and discounts: During this festive season, people are fascinated to buy new things and you should target this tendency of your consumers to commence some very eye-catching offers. This could be in the form of discounts, free samples, buy one get one free offer and discount on the second buy, and so on. You could commence an offer on Diwali as ‘Diwali Special’ where you can introduce some mishmash and packages, etc. It reckons on your product and your exclusive idea that forms the difference.
  • Greeting cards and gifts: Giving or sending greeting cards and gifts, calling over the phone to greet or sending SMSs athwart your consumers is the original and the best system to network with your patrons and customers. Use greeting cards, gifts, e-cards, phone calls, and SMSs as a way to inform your patrons and regulars of the new proposals, offers and your latest product commencement or some other bring up to date. “This year it has planned to design gift packs that would reflect the season. For example, we would design different gift packs of soaps for the Diwali season and different for Christmas.
  • Sponsoring celebrations/events: As you know, we Indians celebrate and enjoy the festivals by having a get-together with friends and relatives. You can cash in on this occasion and provide them a platform to do so and at the same time, you can ensure that your company and products are advertised through it and during it. You can also place some contests, quizzes, and a host of competitions to additionally endorse your brand at the occasion. Keep communicating: Most people imagine that corporate patrons and your customers would be busy during festivals. But this is not true for all. It is at this time that they get the slightest calls for business development and a good time for you to pitch. So, keep regular touch with your patrons and customers during and after the festivals.

Festivals are extensively celebrated all across the sphere all through the year. It is not only a reason for celebration or worshipping thy God, but also, carries a concealed accountability of uniting the group. It is a beam of hope that gives people a motive to beam, stay cheerful, and joyful, and technology helps this ray of hope stay alive. So, here we are in your festive journey doing our speck and benevolent you all an overview of what and how Festivals and Technology mean to us, and how they support each other. We take immense pleasure at Itel info, to wish each one of you happy and joyful festivals.

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