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“Enhancing business in Festivals times”.

Everyone’s ready to purchase are you ready to sell!

The Big Indian Festivals are here. Needless to say, young, old, middle-aged men and women do savings these days. They purchase new clothes, buy new ornaments, purchase gifts, and dress themselves up to celebrate joy while giving visits to their family, friends, and relatives. Festival in India means busy streets and shops full of consumers. Every year, the festive season happens to be the greatest sale day for most businesses, particularly in India. It is obvious that this is the BEST season for small businesses to make the utmost profit!.

It’s a festival time around and by that, we mean it’s time to celebrate, eat, and enjoy. While you enjoy the holidays, it is also the time to encash on the festive time. They are the occasions that all business holders look for to drive out more sales. And of course, you also desire to snatch this chance with both hands and make a maximum of it.

Let’s take a look at how we can make this festive period more memorable for you.
  • Prepare the Calendar: – Make sure that every festival or holiday is marked on the calendar and has a reminder. Remarkably, India is full of festivals, and you require highlighting every festival with activities that can increase sales during the particular festival. You can make the seasonal content for your products before time by getting online and advertising in time. You can also share the roadmap with your team and invite their ideas. Creating a festival social media calendar in advance will only prepare you and your team for the festive season. So, what are you waiting for? Go forward, plan, and snatch the chances.
  • Offer a Sale: – Sales are one of the best methods to advertise products and businesses. No other activity can drive your sales other than reducing prices or providing discounts like buy one get two free. You don’t even require decorating your shop or doing a lot of selling activity. Just ensure that the customers know about the discount that you are planning to provide and the time for it. In addition, you also require preparing your market material.
  • Offer a Gift: – You can offer more discounts! Don’t just show that you’re reducing the prices but also celebrating the occasions by providing additional gifts to the customers. This can be as simple as giving sweets during Diwali or a product coupon. The significance here is that you want to make your customers experience like you are celebrating the occasion with them.
  • Advertise through Videos: – If you are not using videos in your advertising strategies, you are not employing social media promotion to its full influence. You are just not leveraging on it eventually. You don’t need to make complete videos like advertisements. But small videos with a run time of only 10 seconds are sufficient if you are transmitting your ideas completely. You just need to come up with an excellent thought and the best method to express the same.
  • Be Active on Social Media: – Keeping lively on social media is the best small business promotional method. However, the festive season is not the time when you should go lively on social media. But you should be active on all social media channels all the time to make an audience for yourself. You must also work towards encouraging your viewers to share the pictures and videos. And for this, your channels should have an abundance of shareable images and videos online.
  • Send Personal Emails to your spectators: – The old-fashioned email marketing can still do surprises for you. You can inbox a personal message in spite of a public post with a fine story related to your small business and thank your viewers for being a part of your development. Don’t forget to comprise a call to action in the email.
  • Decorate your Shop/Store: – You require representing it universally that it’s the festive season! Add festive posters and banners to your website, adjust your window design, and change your packaging for the festive period. For example, if it’s Diwali, you can embellish your store with lamps and diyas. Your store requires representing that you are providing time-limited offers and opportunities to grab the most of the chances.
  • Update Objectives at Regular Interval: – With the festive season around, it is also the time to set new targets and take a review of where you stand at present. With the acquaintance of the existing position, you can analyze how good the season was for you afterward. Moreover, you also want to evaluate your objectives timely and set new goals. You can also have a look at the content you offer to your viewers and post it frequently as per the necessities. Definitely, the festive period is the best time to shift components.
  • Show your Personality: – In the end, don’t fail to remember that festivals are the time for pleasure as well. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You can think of giving a party to your usual customers. This is the time when you can make a rapport with them.
Steps to enhance Sales during this Festive Season!

So, let’s list out important points Smart sellers should do to make the most out of the festival buyer.

  • Offer more discounts and gifts during the festival: – People are ready to purchase! Give them a cause to purchase from you. Give extra discounts and magnetize them with reasonable prices (Of course, without undergoing a loss!). Giveaway surprise gifts with each acquisition, they’ll love it. It could be something as easy as a small keychain or even a small box of sweets with festive wishes printed. The acquisition of bigger amounts, you can think of gifts like Amazon/ book my show vouchers, kitchen set, dine out coupons, book vouchers, etc. Discounts, surprise, and good familiarity are proven to make your customers feel like they need to come back again and again.
  • Tell people about “gifts” Before the festival begins:- Tell your customers about the offers beforehand through SMS, emails, banners, etc if they have information about what to anticipate, they might come to your store at least to check out.
  • Start distributing Pamphlets And Posters on it: – You can’t expect sales to occur robotically. You need to promote your business to the amount you can. Distributing flyers and pamphlets seems to do wonders since there are a large number of people, particularly old people who are not tech-savvy who still prefer to follow banners and read newspapers and pamphlets to keep themselves aware of the discounts you’re yet to provide this festive season.
  • Promotion Enough on Social Media: – Most of them will explore the products and prices online and then walk into your store to hit a deal with you. Proclaiming your sale details on these social media platforms will go a long way in reaching a large number of people in and around your area and thus increasing sales during the festive season.
  • Decorate your store during the festival to attract customers: – Create a sense-good factor. Give away the festive ambiance by decorating your store properly. Make a huge display outside your window. Attract your consumers with the decoration outside while keeping your interiors decorated too. This will absolutely cost you nothing when compared to the return you’re going to make from the sales.
  • Display Fast-Moving Products in the front: – People judge your shop by looking at the displayed products outside your store. Make sure you display your best products, exciting ones to attract a lot of consumers. Placing old products will make them off no matter how excellent your offer is.
  • Meet the demand with the right software: – It has been confirmed from time to time that a good business billing App helps in the well-organized management of all activities a business naturally.Festive time is a rush time, and therefore, there is nothing more efficient than executing GST Billing software. The software will help you to handle the quick sales of the festive season, decrease the waiting time of your consumers, with utmost simplicity and competence. What are you waiting for? Make use of technology by installing the billing App – Vyapar on your mobile/desktop to meet demands at whatever shop you’re running!
  • Make way for online ordering &Digital Payments: – Research says, 54% of the customers wish to pay through digital wallets relatively than paying through cash. Also, almost 68% of customers would like to order online if possible. It is predictable by the year 2020, 8 out of 10 payment transactions will get digitized and 4 out of 5 people will accept online shopping. Still, now, we can observe a lot of digital wallets like PayTM, PhonePe ruling the market. There will be no requirement to meet your patron’s in-person to accumulate payments; digital systems bring you cash wherever you are in seconds. So, it’s always better to be improved in terms of transfer and in receipt of payments, getting and delivering orders.
  • Setup small stalls where the throng is:- When the mass doesn’t come to you, you must go to the throng. Set up stalls at festival exhibitions, melas, and other such get-togethers in your city or town. There is a heavy probability that you could earn all your month’s savings in a couple of days.
  • Actually celebrate the festival in your store: – Of course, making a festive mood will make your clients want to stay longer. Festivals are not just profitable, they are FUN! We celebrate festivals for a reason, don’t we? For our well being, for our family’s well being. Take some time out to celebrate the festival just for the sake of celebrating it.

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