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Happy New Year

What started the New Year’s Celebrations?  It days back around 4,000 years back to ancient Babylon and it was celebrated to tribute the first new moon subsequent the vernal equinox- the day in late March with an equivalent amount of sunlight and darkness—omen the start of a new year, as per History Akitu, a spiritual festival was celebrated on this day and it went on for 11 days. The festival celebrated the legendary success of the Babylonian the heavens god Marduk over the evil sea goddess Tiamat and served a significant political purpose. It was during this time that a new king was crowned or that the present ruler’s heavenly consent was emblematically changed. People around the world celebrated the first day of the year as an exorbitant or agricultural event. In Egypt, civilization began the year with the annual overflowing of the Nile, which also communicates with the rising of the star Sirius. The first day of the Chinese New Year, in the meantime, occurred with the second new moon after the winter solstice, as per the website. New Year signifies on January 1, it is the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar and Julian calendar. 

Common customs of any New Year’s Day consist of attending or hosting parties, dancing to teeny weeny hours, eating New Year’s feast, making New Year resolutions, and enjoying watching fireworks. The date of New Year’s Day seems so original that it feels that it was intended to happen on this day.

New Year 2021 is about to come. It’s New Year’s Eve Today. It’s time to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 with hope and happiness. In this New Year, we will require a lot more good luck and have to take great care of ourselves and the people around us as the Covid-19 pandemic is not going away any time soon. This New Year Eve will be very different from any other year. Celebrations will mostly be at home as several people will select not to step out among the crisis. Despite the pandemic, there is no better time to start afresh, dream big and make New Year resolutions. It’s the ideal time to send New Year wishes, greetings cards, messages of love and hope to friends and family. 

We can only enjoy the New Year if we are hale and hearty. The centre and state governments have issued guidelines for public and it’s best to follow them if we are stepping out of the home. The Centre noted that while there has been a steady turn down in the caseload in India, there is a requirement for surveillance, containment and caution after the emergence of a new variant of the virus in the UK. In a statement, the Home Ministry said, it has issued fresh guidelines that will remain in force till January 31. States and union territories have been asked to keep a strict vigil to prevent the rise in Covid cases during the New Year celebrations and the winter months. The UK variant has travelled to several other countries and also to India; this variant may have its own run and we’ve to be very careful. We have to celebrate New Year with extra precautions and the guidelines issued by the Govt. which is given below:-

New Year’s Eve: Key guidelines:
  • Containment zones (depending on cases) continue to be isolated carefully and rules have to be strictly followed.
  • States and Union Territories can impose local restrictions like night curfew to check the spread of Covid-19.
  • A maximum of 50 per cent of the hall capacity, a gathering of not more than 200 people have been allowed keeping in mind the size of the breathing space.
  • Based on evaluation of the situation, the States may decrease the number of people at gatherings.
  • There is no constraint on the inter-state and intra-state travel and exclusive permission or e-permit will not be required.
  • The local police and administrative bodies will be responsible for making certain that rules are strictly followed.
  • examination for Influenza-like infections (ILI), Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI) cases shall be carried out in health facilities, mobile units or in fever clinics.

Finally, the year 2020 is coming to finish! The pandemic year educated us a great covenant about life and how to cherish every small moment. 2021 is about to come and it’s time to start afresh and let bygones be bygones but don’t forget your mask and sanitizer as COVID-19 is pretty much here to stay until we get our vaccines. People around the sphere ring in New Year as the clock smacks 12, but have you ever speculated why do we celebrate the New Year on January 1?  ITEL info ( Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year2021. Time for a new beginning, new days and a new year. We hope this is going to be a very special year for all of us. A new year brings new ideas, new hopes and of course courage to overcome all the new challenges. May this New Year bring many more opportunities your way to explore every joy of life. We hope this New Year fills your life with happiness and perfect health always, much more success and happiness. Out with the old and in with the new! Starting the New Year off with more motivation, positivity and some resolutions will ensure 2021 is your year! To give you a head start and a sprinkle of inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the best Happy New Year quotes to shout after the ball drops. This year has been a stressful one so whether you’re ringing in the New Year with your other half or with close friends, we have all the best greetings, and blessings 2020 goodbye and say “hello” to 2021! Won’t be with a loved one this holiday season? But next year we all will celebrate the New Year together. The New Year is a time to reflect on achievements and relationships in the past and look forward to the future looking to go above and beyond this New Year?

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